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Academy Programming







For the committed junior player, we offer  consistent, demanding programming for teenagers among groups of their peers.  The Academy is aimed at players who have decided to commit to squash as their primary or secondary sport and intend to play competitively throughout the year.

Academy programs blend three elements crucial to development as a player: private lessons to focus on technical deficiencies and hone skills, clinics to provide a sense of camaraderie and build dynamic practice scenarios and generate consistency in shots and movement, and match play during which players of a similar skill level can play in game situations.  Match play, tournaments and monthly video assessments will provide touch points to understand areas for focus in the coming weeks and months.

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT / DEVELOPMENT PLUS (Bronze Level) — for the newly-committed player determined to build skills and competitive experience quickly. Players develop essential foundations for a future of squash in varsity and collegiate settings and for a lifetime of enjoying racquet sports. Development is for Beginners who are new to squash and are learning to hold the racquet and consistently hit the ball. Development Plus is for beginners who can consistently hit a ball and play a rally.

The Development level offers one half-hour private lesson, 1.5 hours of clinic and an hour of match play per week.  Video assessments monthly.  $400 per month.

JUNIOR PERFORMANCE / PERFORMANCE PLUS (Silver Level) – for the serious teenager who wants to improve his/her game for high school and tournament play.  Refining all squash strokes, growing emphasis on game strategy, fitness and court movement. This level of a academy is divided by skills into performance and performance plus.

One 45-minute private lesson, 1.5 hours of clinic and 1.5 hours of match play per week.  Video assessments monthly.  $465 per month.

JUNIOR ELITE (Gold Level) – for the serious squash player who is committed to top level squash play.  Perfecting technique and shot selection with strong emphasis on fitness, nutrition, competitive readiness.

One hour of private lessons with elite coaches, 1.5 hours of clinic and 1 hour of match play per month.  Extra private lessons can be scheduled at player’s discretion and will be pro-rated.  Video assessments monthly.  $550 per month.


Academy Programs at the McLean Squash Center


Please contact me in advance of registering for the PlaySquash Juniors Academy so that we can determine what program will be best for your goals.  Then you can register online.



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