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Junior Clinics

Clinics provide an opportunity for juniors to learn and improve their squash game among a group of peers at the same skill level.









I design the clinics to provide a fun, spirited experience where players can build racquet skill, physical fitness, and game confidence.  While lessons and clinics are important to establishing skills it is also important that students have time to play the game!  I include match play sessions with each 12-week registration.  This provides students with an opportunity to join with players at their level for friendly yet competitive play.  Match play is open to drop-ins at $15 per session.


BEGINNINER PLAYERS Basic strokes, game strategy, rules and fair play.

INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS –  Build on stroke foundation and develop new shots.  New emphasis on fitness and court movement.

ADVANCED PLAYERS –  Refining all squash strokes, growing emphasis on game strategy, fitness and court movement. 

Juniors Clinics at McLean Racquet and Health Club

Level Day Time Match Play Fee


Sunday 3-4:30 pm Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm $450/12 weeks*; $50/session


Sunday 11-12:30 pm Wednesday -6:30-8 pm $500/12 weeks*; $55/session


Sunday 12:30-2 pm Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm $550/12 weeks*; $60/session

* includes match play

 Register online!

Clinics at the McLean Racquet & Health Club must be paid at the front desk of the Club.

Juniors Clinics at Potomac Squash Club

Level Time Time Fee


Sundays 1-2 pm $325/10 weeks; $35/session


Sundays 2:30- 4:00pm $400/10 weeks; $45/session

Register online!

Note, there is no regularly scheduled match play at Potomac Squash Club

Pay Online for Clinics at Potomac Squash!

Lessons & Clinics

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