Committed to Your Passion!

Getting Started with Coaching

Private lessons, semi-private lessons or a clinic — I offer all options, but which is best for your and your squash goals?

Clinics are a good place to start with squash coaching if you are looking for some general instruction and a few tips.  They are also a good way to discipline yourself into doing drills, which are the best way to get consistent in squash.  Because of the group nature of a clinic, you won’t be able to focus on a particular problem area on your game, or spend extended amounts of time on a specific shot or skill.

Semi-private lessons are very good if you have a partner at a similar skill level.  In a semi-private lesson, I have the freedom to observe your play, and work on skills that need improvement when you are on the court with a competitor at the same level.  This is a more accurate portrayal of your playing style and ability than if you are simply drilling with me.

Private lessons are ideal if you have a specific skill that you want intensive work on or if you are seeking a very rigorous workout.  I believe that students make the most progress with a combination of semi-private and private lessons.

In all cases, consistency is key.  If you can schedule regular lessons over an extended amount of time — maybe a few times a month for 5-6 months, you will make more progress than if you just schedule two or three sessions.  Squash is a demanding game, and it takes time to improve skill.

No amount of lessons will ever take the place of practicing and drilling what I teach on the court.  Get on the court by yourself and drill what we worked on in our lessons at least once a week.  (Please try to do your solo-drilling during non-peak times at the club!)  Set a goal for yourself — it can be a number of consecutive shots (eg 15 rails hit above the cut line and deep in the court) or managed by time (a minute of non-stop volley drives).  A combination of instruction and practice will set you on the path to improvement!

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