Committed to Your Passion!

Leslie Connolly

Leslie ConnollyWhen did you start to play squash?  Where? How were you introduced to the game?

I started playing squash as a sophomore at Bates College.  I had played on the tennis team in high school, and was in intramural athletics in College in the fall and in the spring, but I wanted something for the winter season, which is long in Maine.  My Resident Advisor was a squash player, as was my best friend.  They both played on the men’s team and encouraged me to play.  The first time on the court, I was hooked!  I practiced hard to be able to walk on the team that year.  I have not played tennis since!

What is your best memory about playing squash?

That is a tough one… I met my husband playing squash at Wordgate, so I should probably say playing him in the early days.  I remember cursing his drops and lobs.  He still relies on those shots a lot.  But some of my best memories playing are at Howe Cup, the women’s national team championship hosted by a different city’s squash association each year.  I’ve been playing with, essentially, the same team for nine years now!  We don’t reveal what happens at the infamous Saturday night party, though.

If your squash opponents were to give you a nick-name, what would it be?


How have you improved as a squash player working with me/What is your favorite thing about working with me?

Like with any learning process, on any given day, I feel like I regress in some areas, but excel in others.  My favorite thing about having you as my coach is that you invest so much into your players.  You are my biggest fan!

What drill do you like best and why?

Well, I don’t exactly like it, but it is good for me nevertheless…cross, rail, rail.

What is your next squash goal?

Be on a championship Howe Cup B team, and beat Orla O’Doherty in USQ sanctioned play.  Watch out Orla!!!