Committed to Your Passion!

Deb Phippard

Deb-serve1When did you start to play squash? 

When I was 21, and I am not telling you how long ago that was.

 Where? How were you introduced to the game?

I was an intern at Pfizer in the UK.  My boss asked me what was I going to do with my lunch hour  – the obvious answer was “eat” but that didn’t go down well.   He informed me that “we” exercise and dragged me over to the squash courts (being a British Pharmaceutical company they provided squash courts). That first time on court I was hooked – and you can imagine the gossip when the head of the department was dragging the new intern onto the courts twice a week. Not that I needed much dragging!

What is your best memory about playing squash?

I remember when my brother fell onto the court laughing so hard because a man was having such a hard time beating me.Deb-and-Carole1-300x257

 How have you improved as a squash player working with me?

My favorite thing about you is that you realize that adults take lessons for different reasons than the up and coming juniors do. I play to have fun and sometimes to vent. There are days when I just want to smack the snot out of the ball and I am not that bothered where it goes. You adapt and I have to admit that you are on your way to breaking some of my bad habits  – you never know I might prepare my racquet before I get to the ball one of these days.

 What drill do you like best and why?

Don’t like any of them as I am basically lazy, but they are a necessary evil if you want to improve your game and you make them tolerable and even fun sometimes! I like them best when you put a competitive spin on them and I really like the occasions when I actually get a ball past you.

 Deb-and-Howe-Cup-Teammates1-300x198What is your next squash goal?

To rehab some lingering orthopedic issues fully — feels like I have been injured forever, then get my fitness back. Then I want to win the Squash Goddess Slam tournament again and reclaim my title as “Squash Goddess.” Fair warning to the Charlottesville ladies.

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