Committed to Your Passion!

Ned Twining

Ned TwiningWhen did you start to play squash?  How were you introduced to the game?

I started playing squash in 1960 as a freshman at Trinity College,  Hartford CT where I was a walk-on to Trinity Squash team.

What is your best memory of playing squash?

My best best memory was beating Amherst as a college student … and then later in life being introduced to International Squash with you.

How have you improved working with me?

It would be hard to measure how much I have improved under Coach Jay Naseem …. but I have more than twice that distance remaining to present a good game.

My favorite aspect of your coaching is your sense of humor and good fellowship. I am the British Lion !!!

What is your favorite drill?
My favorite drill is the drop shot because it frustrates you that I am so slow in returning to the “T”.

What is your next squash goal?

My goal is to take 5 honest points off of you each game.

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