Committed to Your Passion!

Carson Craig

CarsonJayNationalsWhen did you start to play squash? I started playing squash in November of 2007.  I entered my first tournament in December of 2007 after only playing for 1 month.  It was not pretty.

How were you introduced to the game? My Latin teacher at the time, Mr. Obed, introduced me to the game of squash.  We practiced on an unheated North American style court that was located on a private farm near school.  In the winter months warming up the ball was a warm up in itself.

What is your best memory about playing squash? My best memory would be when Mr. Obed took us to play in the Middle School Nationals at Yale.  He then continued our experience by letting us play a match against his old High School, Hotchkiss. Once the match was over he took us to Harvard so we could watch Harvard and Princeton play a collegiate level squash match.

How have you improved as a squash player working with me? Working with you has allowed me to reach a new level of play.  You has improved my endurance and has altered the way I think while playing a match.

What is your favorite thing about working with me? My favorite thing about working with you is working hard during practice to then play you in a game which I will lose 13-15 after having 3 game balls.

What drill do you like best and why? I like the four corner drills the best because they work on not only my endurance but shot placement when under pressure.

What is your next squash goal? My goal is to reach top 30, BU19 and be an accomplished player in college.  (Note, Carson went on to play squash at the US Naval Academy)

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