Committed to Your Passion!

Hans Wydler

When did you start to play squash?
I started playing with my Dad when I was about 7.

What is your best memory about playing squash?
The best things about squash for me are making new friends, playing with family members and playing in tournaments.  I remember how much fun it was to play in my first tournament.

How have you improved as a squash player working with me?

My whole game has improved.  In strokes, my backhands are much better.  Jay really drills me on these and it helps.

What drill do you like best and why?
I like the down the line, cross court drill because I feel like it helps my forehand, backhand and my speed on the court.  

What is your next squash goal?
To improve my backhand volleys.  Oh, and to win more points off Jay.