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Jun-Young Hong

When did you start to play squash?  Where?                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jun-Young Hong

I started to play squash in 6th grade at the Potomac School.

How were you introduced to the game?

I was introduced to the game in a PE unit at school in 6th grade.

What is your best memory about playing squash?

My best memory of playing squash was beating one of my best friends in a game when she would usually beat me because she has been playing longer than I have.

How have you improved as a squash player working with me/What is your favorite thing about working with me?

I have improved my game a lot while working with you. In the beginning I could never hit a ball that came off the back wall or strategize where I wanted to hit the ball. My favorite thing about working with you is that I feel at ease and even if I mess up it’s ok because I know that I will get better.

What drill do you like best and why?

I really like the drill of hitting the ball off the back wall on the backhand side because I can hit it a lot better than the forehand shot off the back wall. It’s satisfying to hit the ball well on the backhand side because I know that I will eventually get it on the forehand side.

What is your next squash goal?

My next squash goal is to make the varsity team at my school next year.