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Matthew Granovsky


Matthew Granovsky

When did you start to play squash?  Where?

I started squash at the Potomac school facility a little more than a year ago. In P.E. class we had a unit on the sport, and despite my obvious deficit of skill in the beginning, I instantly fell in love with the sport. Shortly after I began to take lessons at the McLean Racket Club. The facility was amazing, and the coaches have been outstanding since the beginning. I still play there to this day.

How were you introduced to the game?
During P.E. in sixth grade, we had a squash unit. There were many players in my grade who had been playing for a while, and I was quite impressed by them. After being beaten 11-0 in a game by one of my friends, I was inspired to start taking lessons to try to get better.

What is your best memory about playing squash?
My best memory about playing squash is probably the day I found out I had made my school’s squash team. There were 34 people trying out to make the team, and only eight spots. It was highly competitive, and there were many amazing players trying out, some of which had beaten me 11-0 the year before. Finding out that I had not only made the team, but been placed at seed 2 to start the season, made me absolutely elated.
How have you improved, as a squash player working with me/What is your favorite thing about working with me?

I have improved solely by putting in the hours with my coaches. I play squash between 12-16 hours a week during the school year, depending on what tournaments, lessons and other events I have scheduled, and during the summer I plan to play squash as much as I can, which will probably be around 42 hours-give or take- a week depending on the camp I’m doing. The fantastic coaching skills of the faculty at McLean Racket have helped me hone my form, athleticism, technique, and strategy, to help me become the player I am today. My favorite thing about working with my coaches is the environment. While they work me hard to get my game better, they also have a friendly attitude about it. On the court Nash and Jay are my coaches, but off the court they are my friends. Also, they do care about my skill level rising. It is clear to me they have taken an interest in me getting better, instead of just coaching me because they have an obligation to.

What drill do you like best and why?

My favorite drill is most likely rotating boast drive. It helps you practice your technique, strategy, movement, and conditions your body all at the same time.

What is your next squash goal?
My next goal for my squash career is to be seed #1 on the IS squash team next year. There are so many talented players on the team, and it would really give me quite a bit of gratification if I was to rise above those who have played up to 6 years more than I have, and with the help of my coaches, and my training partners, and of course if I put in the work over the summer, I think I can do it.

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