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Sohrab Nawaz

SohrabAmrShahierWhen did you first start playing squash

I started playing squash  around 6th grade.  However, I stopped for a few years, but then went back to it after seeing how much fun it was.   My father introduced the game to me at Rio Sport and Health.

What is your best memory playing?

My best memory of playing squash comes way before I started playing competitively.  I was playing with my father and I hit the worst shot into the middle of the court.  I literally stood there while my father (who can create sparks with his shot) came up and full speed whacked me on the backside. It hurt, but I laughed and laughing when you’re having fun is incredible.

How have you improved working with me?

I’ve improved a lot with you.  I think your motto is “no stone left unturned” meaning that you never let go of  mistakes and makes sure you fix AND improve them. My favorite thing about playing with you is when you’re playing a game, you hit the greatest shot you can and then he cross court nicks it into the corner and then you just stand there in awe.

What is your favorite squash drill?

Best drill is the rotating backwalls. It teaches you deep shot and control at the same time.

What is your next squash goal?

Next squash goal is to be able to feel comfortable with each of my shot and know that it was well placed and well executed.