Committed to Your Passion!

Zain Qazi

Zain ForehandWhen did you start to play squash?  Where? How were you introduced to the game?

I started playing squash near the end of August in 2010 at Regency Sport&Health.    My father, who is also an avid player,  introduced me to the game when I was about 7 or 8, but I didn’t really pick it up until I was 14

What is your best memory about playing squash?
My most cherished memory about playing squash is when Sohrab (Nawaz), Taimur (Chaudhry), and I all got together at Rio Sport and Heath and had a massive round robin.

How have you improved as a squash player working with me/What is your favorite thing about working with me?
I believe that as I worked with you over the past year, my game has dramatically improved. I started of playing matches just standing in the middle of the court, trying to reach the ball from where I stood, but now I am able to move around the court fairly easily and hit some pretty advanced shots. I love practicing with you…especially the the way in which you plan and executes your lessons, along with the drills and the constant encouragement allow me to push on and become a better squash player.

What drill do you like best and why?

My favorite drill has to be the one in which my brother (Saad) feeds me a drop in the front left corner, and I have to run from the T to drop it again, and then I have to run all the way to the back right corner where I hit a rail that you feed.

What is your next squash goal?

My next goal for squash is to improve my agility and flexibility so that it is easier for me to move in the court.